Excellent 2006-2007 School Year


The Board of Education and District Administrators hope that everyone enjoys an excellent 2006-2007 school year. 

The Board of Education is proud to announce that the District earned an Excellent report card rating from the Ohio Department of Education for the 2005-2006 school year.  This Excellent report card rating was achieved for the fourth time in the past five years and the third consecutive time.  With great cooperation, attention to details, positive learning environments, and rigorous standards for achievement our District will again earn an Excellent report card rating from the Ohio Department of Education this school year. 

As the new school year starts many positive changes have occurred over the summer months allowing the District to provide the best educational opportunities for all students.  The District employed/reassigned twenty-five teachers and four intervention tutors and hired one new administrator.  Seven of the twenty-five teaching positions are new and were added to the existing faculty to accommodate the increasing student enrollment.  In an effort to support all students and teachers many new instructional materials and technology items such as computers and SMART Boards were purchased with generous grants from the Painesville Township Excellence for Education Foundation and Parent-Faculty Organizations as well as District permanent improvement funds. 

While the opportunity to support our curriculum and educational ventures are a top priority for the District, maintenance of all buildings and grounds are a focus as well.  Using permanent improvement funds allowed the District to purchases additional textbooks and instructional materials, school buses, and lockers at LaMuth Middle School to accommodate increased student enrollment. Additional permanent improvement allocations and projects included replacing the heating systems at JRW Junior High School and in the Melridge Elementary gymnasium.  Future permanent improvement projects include purchasing technology, replacing school buses, and repairing and renovating district buildings.

As mentioned, accommodations continue to be made for our increasing student enrollment; student enrollment has again increased over the summer.  At this time District enrollment is nearing 4,800 students, an increase of nearly 100 students from the 2005-2006 school year.  Notably student enrollment has increased for the ninth consecutive year.  Instructional space capacity for our school district is at a maximum and modular unit purchases are currently being discussed for future school years. 

As planning for the future is ongoing, the Board of Education and District administrators are planning to host two State of the Schools meetings this year.  The State of the Schools meetings are a part of the continuing effort to foster open and thorough lines of communication about the school district with community members.  These meetings will provide an opportunity for dialogue about the school system and educational programs.   The Board of Education and administrators hope that you will consider attending the State of the Schools meetings on October 12th and March 29th from 7:00pm-9:00pm at Riverside High School. 

The Board of Education, faculty, and administrators seeks to provide a challenging and rewarding education for all students while emphasizing the importance of lifelong learning.  Please enjoy an excellent 2006-2007 school year.