Fiscal Accountability a Priority for the Painesville Township Local School District

Coupled with the need for thorough and timely communication is the need to share District fiscal information.  With the numerous challenges facing school funding across Ohio, fiscal accountability continues to be a significant priority for the Painesville Township Schools Board of Education and administration. 

During the September Business meeting the Board of Education approved the Districtís budget for 2005-2006.  The budget approval was preceded by a meeting held by Treasurer, Mike Vaccariello with Board of Education Budget Committee members Doris Moss and Mitch Kallay.  The budget committee meeting provided time to thoroughly discuss each allocation in the budget.  Ms. Moss and Mr. Kallay provided oversight of the budget by questioning allocations, making recommendations, and seeking further clarification on each line item.  This open discussion and review of fiscal allocations was held in public session during the budget committee meeting.

Additionally, District budget discussions provided the opportunity to inquire about student fees.  Board member, Mitch Kallay, sought further explanation about student fees.  Mike Vaccariello clarified that student fees are collected each year and are returned directly to the building to be spent on instructional materials for students.  Open and thorough communications concerning District finances are important to the Painesville Township Board of Education and administration.

Furthermore, in an effort to maintain fiscal responsibility, the District participates in many purchasing co-operatives.  The District combines its purchasing power with that of many other school districts to group purchase electricity, gas, office and school supplies, and school buses.  To better manage employee benefits, the District participates in a healthcare consortium and group rating for workersí compensation.  Major savings are realized each year as a result of the Districtís cooperative purchasing ventures.

With all of the budgetary changes from the State of Ohio, the Painesville Township Local School District is conservative with all operating funds.  At this time the District has a reserve budget amount of approximately $1,600,000 which continues to increase.  The District was +$880,000 in revenue versus expenses during the 2004-2005 school year.  The Board of Education and administration agree that fiscal accountability, conservative and cautious spending, cooperative purchasing, and allocations that directly improve student instruction are major priorities.

As the school year continues the Painesville Township Board of Education and administration hope that our communications concerning fiscal accountability help keep our community informed about the District.