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Board Meeting Notes from January 30, 2007


Finance Report

By Michael J. Vaccariello, CPA

            Residents have inquired with the District about the allocation of their real estate tax to the schools.  The school district receives a portion of the money from real estate taxes.  Real estate taxes are divided amongst various civil services such as the county library, county services, local governments, Auburn Joint Vocational School, and the local schools.  Depending on the community, the percentage of the total real estate tax paid by the residents of the Painesville Township School District that goes directly to the schools varies from 55.1% to 58.9%.  The breakdown of that percentage by community is: Leroy - 55.1%, Concord - 56.0%, Painesville Township - 55.6% and Grand River - 58.9%.  While the percentage of the total tax paid retained by the school district is different in each of the four communities, the millage and dollar amount paid per $100,000 in valuation is exactly the same, 29.24 mills or $895.51.  One mill is equal to one-tenth of one percent, or 10 cents per $100 in taxable value.

            Where does the rest of the money go?  All four communities pay the same for:


                                                                                                Mills      Dollars per $100,000 in Market Value   

  • Auburn Joint Vocational (Auburn Career Center)       1.50     $45.94
  • Lake County Library District                                       1.48     $45.33
  • Lake County services                                                11.24     $344.23


            The Lake County services include the general operations of the County, ADAMHS (Mental Health), MR & DD services (Mental Retardation and Developmentally Disabled), Narcotics Agency, Children’s Services, Forensic Crime Laboratory, Senior Citizens, Metroparks, and Lakeland Community College.  

            The final part of your taxes goes towards the operations, roads & bridges, and fire & rescue services provided by each of the local communities.  Each community requires a different amount for these services which causes the millage charged to the local taxpayers to vary by community. 

            If you ever have a financial question about the school district or would like a topic addressed in these updates, please feel free to contact District Treasurer, Michael J. Vaccariello, at (440) 352-0668 ext. 109 or by email at


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