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                                Mr. Jim Kalis - Assistant Superintendent for Personnel and Support Services

                     Ms. Liz Anderson - Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

                     Dr. Michael Shoaf - Superintendent

                     Mrs. Diann Phillips - Director of Pupil Services

                     Mr. Mike Vaccariello - Treasurer


Excellent Report Card Rating

Excellent Report Card Rating

 For the fourth time in five years the Painesville Township Local Schools have earned an Excellent report card rating from the Ohio Department of Education.  This achievement is very exciting and a great tribute to our parents, students, faculty, staff, Board of Education, and administrators.  The following link will take you to the Ohio Department of Education webpage for District report cards - http://www.ode.state.oh.us/reportcard/

The following links will take you to a comparison of State assessment data for Lake County school districts

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Achievement and Proficiency Test Results


Painesville Township Annual Notices August 3, 2006

Strategic Plan Report January 2007

Fall 2006 Pipeline


Calamity Days Exceed State Allocation

The calamity day on February 14th was the sixth day for the Painesville Township Local School District.  The State allows five (5) calamity days each school year.  After the five days are exceeded, make-up school days are required. 

Since the district has closed more than five days, and in compliance with the Board of Education approved 2006-2007 District Calendar, the first make-up day is scheduled to commence on Thursday, June 7, 2007.  At this time the district has one required make-up day while Leroy Elementary has two days to make-up - June 7th and 8th

Date posted:  2/16/07



 Dear Painesville Township Local School District Parents/Guardians,

The winter season is upon us and the potential for snow and challenging weather conditions are a possibility.  The decision to close school is always made with student safety as our first priority.  Road conditions, weather forecasts, and reports by local authorities are all considered when making this decision.  Every attempt is made to decide by 5:30am.  Should it become necessary to close schools due to inclement weather, the closing will be broadcast over local television and radio stations as well as the district website (www.townshipschools.com).

If the schools are not closed during challenging winter weather conditions, the ultimate decision as to whether it is safe for students to travel to school rests with parents/guardians.  

Please contact your child’s school if weather conditions do not, in your judgment, permit your child to travel safely to school. Your child’s absence will be excused.  This approach offers parents/guardians the opportunity to make a decision they believe to be in the best interest of their child in the event that school remains open on a questionable weather day.  When calling your child’s school office, please indicate your decision to keep your child home was based on the weather conditions.

If the Painesville Township Local Schools are closed, all programs, services, and activities for that day are cancelled, and the Field House is closed as well.  In the event schools are forced to close more than five days, make-up days will commence on Thursday, June 7, 2007. 


Michael Shoaf


Painesville Township Schools

 2006-07 School Closing Information


Should it become necessary to close schools due to inclement weather the closing will be broadcast over local television and radio stations as well as the District website - www.townshipschools.com.

The Painesville Township Schools will not practice delayed starts.  This policy could be revised if the district is forced to close schools for five or more days in a given school year.  In the event schools are forced to close more than five days make up days will commence on Thursday, June 7, 2007.

School will not be dismissed early due to bad weather except that the high school dismissal may be moved forward a few minutes to allow buses to be on time at the middle and elementary schools.

If schools are closed all school activities including athletic contests and practices are cancelled.  If schools are closed there will be no Latchkey services.  There will be no use of buildings, including the Field House, by outside groups on days schools are closed.

If the Painesville Township Schools are closed there will be no bus transportation to any school facility.





Fiscal Accountability a Priority

Community Participation Article

Looking Ahead

Excellent 2006-2007 School Year


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