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Who do I make my check payable to?   Make checks payable to your school cafeteria. Please put the name and PIN (at RHS/JRW/LMS) of the student you are paying for in the memo part of the check.

What is THAT? Get the answers to all of the food items that the kids love (Hip Dippers, Super Donut, Apple Fruit Snack and more) - there's just not enough room for the descriptions on the menu! 

Do you accept credit cards?  Yes, go to http://www.cafeprepay.com/ to prepay on-line with a credit card. Please allow 24 hours for the payment to take effect.

Is it true breakfast is just for Latchkey kids? No! Breakfast is available to ALL kids! After they get off the bus and put their bookbags  and coats in their classroom, they go to the kitchen and pick up their breakfast, take it back to the classroom and eat! Although eligible free and reduced price students also receive  free or reduced price breakfast, the other rumor that the breakfast program is only for "poor" kids is not true either! In fact, over 50% of all kids in our district who get breakfast at school are not on the free or reduced price meal program.

What makes up a meal?  At lunch a  meal consists of the student's choice of 2 oz. protein and bread or grain item (usually offered as an entree such as a sandwich or pizza), 2 different fruits or vegetables (yes, French fries are considered a veggie), and a 1/2 pint of milk. At breakfast a meal is offered as either a 1 oz. protein/grain component (breakfast pizza), 2 oz. of protein (8 oz. yogurt), or 2 bread/grain components (Pop Tarts, bagel), and a serving of fruit, veggie or juice and a 1/2 pint of milk.

How do I apply for free or reduced price meals for my child?  Print an application under the Menus/Forms/Prices link above and fax or mail it to the address indicated or you may obtain an application from any school office. Please allow 5 days to receive notification of benefits. Applications are now good for the entire school year. You may apply at any time during the school year.

My child has a food/milk allergy - can they still get meals? With documentation from a doctor, we may substitute juice for milk. Any other food allergy, we will make every accommodation to substitute a food your child likes and that we have available. If you need nutritional information on any product, please contact Kelly Minnick at pa_minnick@lgca.org or 440.352.0668 ext. 160.

What schools make up our district?    Riverside H.S. (10-12 grades), John R. Williams Jr. High (8-9 grades), LaMuth Middle School (6-7 grades), 6 Elementary Schools (K-5 grades): Buckeye, Hadden, Hale Road, Leroy, Madison Avenue, and Melridge. 4,300 children are enrolled in grades 1-12 (preschool and kindergarten do not eat) and we feed over 2, 500 children every day!

What do the initials SFNS stand for (as in Kelly Minnick, SFNS)? School Foodservice and Nutrition Specialist- which is a credential earned from the School Nutrition Association. To be eligible to apply for credentialing and take the national examination, applicants must meet certain minimum prerequisites including a college degree, 30 semester hours of specialized training in foodservice management areas, and at least one year of experience as a director in a child nutrition program.  

Who is the kitchen manager at my child's school and do they have training?  All of the kitchen managers have available training in various areas of their jobs 5 times a year, monthly meetings with the Director of School Nutrition Services, and have been trained in the Serv-Safe sanitation and food handling class. A sanitation company, SFS Pac, which specializes in school foodservice, visits each kitchen monthly, quizzes the staff in various sanitation areas and inspects the overall operation for sanitation and safety. We undergo 2 surprise health inspections per school year. All kitchen managers are members of the School Nutrition Association.

The Kitchen Managers are: 

Riverside HS - Mary Mattern 352-0668 ext. 187

JRW Jr. High - Doris Sullivan 352-0668 ext. 139

LaMuth Middle School - Linda Lambert 354-4394

Buckeye Elementary - Barb Eckart 352-2191

Hadden Elementary - Marsha Toivonen 354-4414

Hale Rd. Elementary - Nadine Southworth 352-2300

Leroy Elementary - Ruth Bowser 254-4543

Madison Avenue Elementary - Danni Smith 357-6171

Melridge Elementary - Michelle Dodd 352-2076


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