(Coordinated Approach to Child Health)

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What is CATCH? The CATCH program links the classroom, cafeteria, physical education/activity, and home so kids get the same message of eating healthy and staying active throughout their day. The CATCH program was developed by the state of Texas and is now used widely throughout the country.

 Our menus at school on the serving line and also available on this website are color coded to nutritionally educate children on the foods that they choose to eat every day. The foods are color coded as:

GO Foods- Anytime foods - generally foods with no fat added - fresh, frozen or drained fruits and vegetables, breads, cereals and grains, skim or 1% milk and dairy products, egg whites and egg substitutes, lean meats and fish and beans, ice milk bars, frozen fruit juice bars, low fat frozen yogurt, sherbet, and chewy fruit snacks, water, 100% fruit juices, low sodium vegetable juices

SLOW Foods- Sometimes foods - foods with some added fat - all vegetables with added fat and salt, oven baked potatoes like French fries and hash browns, 2% milk and dairy items, peanuts and peanut butter, low fat hot dogs and lunch meat, turkey sausage, ham, poultry with skin, lean ground beef products, whole eggs scrambled, poached or boiled, unfrosted cookies and cakes

WHOA Foods - Once in awhile foods - foods highest in fat - should be eaten with GO Foods - fried potatoes or other vegetables, chips, doughnuts, whole milk and dairy products, untrimmed meats and fried fish and poultry, bacon, hot dogs, lunch meat, whole eggs fried or scrambled in fat, frosted cookies and cakes, pies, ice cream, foods of minimal nutritional value, regular soft drinks or beverages with sugar

What else are our schools doing with CATCH? Simple changes so far, such as:

Hadden Elementary - The principal, Mr. St. Clair, started a walking program for students 3 days a week during recess.

Mrs. Breaux, 1st grade teacher at Madison Ave. has students walk around the gym while waiting for class to start instead of sitting and waiting.

Mr. Yurkovich, Physical Education teacher at Madison Avenue, Buckeye and Hadden, has started intramural teams of soccer that the kids can participate in while at recess.

School Nutrition Services now color codes the foods on the elementary menus.

All elementary schools have recess before lunch, which ensures students are more focused on eating than looking for the recess aide to appear to take them out to play! Studies have shown that kids eat more of their lunch and have less trips to the nurse's office when recess before lunch is implemented.